August 19, 2008

Wendyzine Scraps Grabbags

Wendyzine has released her grabbag over at ScrapbookGraphics and she has two versions. Here is what you can find in her Grab It 4 ($3) grabbag:

In this version you will find the following 5 items:

Wendy also has an Grab It 4XXL version of her bag.

For $5 you get the 5 items that are in her Grab It 4 bag and these 3 items:

In the XXL bag Wendy has also included a coupon for $2 off valid through September.

A little bit more information:

GuideMe does not work in PSE 4.
The BW Basic action does not work in any PSE version, but BW Alternate will.



Anonymous said...

What a cool bag!!

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