August 17, 2008

Victoria Feemster August Grabbag

And here is the last of the bunch. Victoria Feemsters grabbag:

As it says on the preview of the grabbag this contains three new items. The coupon is for $2 off any purchase from Victoria Feemster.



Anonymous said...
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Shannon said...

So 2002? What an odd thing to say. Considering I didn't scrap back then, I have no idea how that's constructive. I think for $2 this is a pretty good bag. The papers are pretty, and I haven't seen bubble wrap elements before. Of course, could that be because they only had them in 2002? Personally, for a simple $2 bag, I think it's a nice one.

Patamomma said...

I'm so happy that you revealed this bag. I was wowed by the bubbly elements and went ahead and bought it for them. Definitely worth 2 bucks. Plus, I got their 10 dollar kit for free! So, I feel that I really got a great deal! Thanks for the reveal. patty

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