September 19, 2008

Amy Hutchinson Lottery Ticket

You asked for it. Here is the reveal of Amy Hutchinsons Lottery Ticket:

I feel this is sort of a grabbag with a chance to win a great price. For $3.00 you get 6 new items by Amy Hutchinson and a chance to have access to her AH! Designs store for an entire year. Not bad at all.


Missing preview of the Collab Grabbag by Micheline Martin & Melissa Bennett

I just received 4 emails with the preview of the missing item from the collab grabbag by Micheline Martin & Melissa Bennett. Thank you girls!

Here is the last preview and it's another good one:


September Collab Grabbag by Micheline Martin & Melissa Bennett

I have one word for the September Collab Grabbag by Micheline Martin & Melissa Bennett: insane! It is packed with 10 new items (it says 11 on the store preview but I only received 10 previews) and it is only going to cost you $4.00. I have already seen what's inside this grabbag and you are all going to love it. Trust me on this. You can buy the grabbag at ScrapArtist or at Melissa Bennetts Designs:

Here is the reveal:

September 15, 2008

ON Designs Grabbag No. 10

On to ON Designs Grabbag No. 10 now:

This grabbag also sells for $3.00 and also contains 6 new products:


ON Designs Grabbag No. 9

As soon as I noticed at SBG that ON Designs had new grabbags I checked my mail and I already received the previews in my mailbox. Very exciting stuff I tell you.

First off: Grabbag No. 9

Both grabbags are $3.00 and both contain 6 new products. The following previews are for Grabbag No. 9:


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