August 30, 2008

MK Designs Commercial Use Grabbag

It seems like a lot of designers are also creating Commercial Use grabbag these days which isn't a bad thing at all if you want to try to design something. The latest CU grabbag is from MK Designs:

For $5.00 you get 8 CU items:

I think MK Designs did a great job with this grabbag. What do you think?


Mrs Wresh September Grabbag

Mrs Wresh has released her September grabbag early but not at TDC. You can buy it at her own blog for now (she probably will be adding it to her TDC store soon).This is a grabbag for the template lovers amongst us (I have to admit that I belong to that group):

This grabbag is going to cost you $5.00. It contains 9 new items and the grabbag is OK for both personal and professional use with no credit required.


Fabella Designs September Grabbag

It's that time to update the blog again. Fabella Designs September Grabbag is the first of three grabbags I am going to reveal today.

For $1.99 this grabbag contains a full kit called Scarlett's Garden:

And here is the last preview which is basicly a preview of the full kit:

August 29, 2008

A request/favor.

I wanted to ask everyone who visits my blog a favor. On the side I have a Reveal Request Box. I have gotten a few request for reveals but I haven't been able to reveal all of the request.

My favor? When you visit the blog, could you check out the Reveal Request Box too and if you have previews for the grabbags that are requested, could you send those to my email address: I would appreciate it very much.



Scrap Orchard September Mystery Mega

It is good that I saw K requesting the reveal of the Scrap Orchard September Mystery Mega grabbag because I wanted to buy this one myself. The main reason why I wanted to buy it myself was because I missed the August one and I knew that was really packed so I figured this one would be too. And I was right. Here is the reveal:

This grabbag is for sale at $3.00.

The grabbag does not only this coordinated kit though (there is also an alpha but that didn't have a preview). It also has a lot of commercial use items:

So, totally worth $3.00 or not?

August 28, 2008

Mimilou Designs September Grabbag

I just found the previews of Mimilou's September Grabbag in my mailbox so I thought I'd better add these to the reveal blog. Here we go:

You can buy this grabbag for €6.00 which I think is roughly $9.00. Do you think this grabbag which contains CU items is worth $9.00?

August 26, 2008

Birgit Kerr's August Grabbag

Birgit Kerr released her August grabbag today. I think her grabbags are always wonderful so I couldn't wait to purchase it and reveal the bag to everyone here.

For $3.50 you get 6 new items:


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