August 28, 2008

Mimilou Designs September Grabbag

I just found the previews of Mimilou's September Grabbag in my mailbox so I thought I'd better add these to the reveal blog. Here we go:

You can buy this grabbag for €6.00 which I think is roughly $9.00. Do you think this grabbag which contains CU items is worth $9.00?



Patamomma said...

Well, umm, I really like the alpha, and the leaves are cute. I'm very sure she thinks it's worth $9. I don't really see much in this bag that I would use designing, but, I don't design. Patty

Carinspixels said...

Well the bag says personal and commercial use that's a bit missleading for the costumer. I do not think this is worth the money allthough they are truly good quality products.

Anonymous said...

I like the Natural Pack but for $9 I think is too expensive for a grab bag.

Amysout said...

I've never bought anything from this designer. I may now though! Her goodies are really pretty & I can see me using them vs hoarding them - like I usually end up doing!! However - the 9$ IS a bit high.

Anonymous said...

It does look like there's some good stuff there, but $9 is too much IMO.

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