August 23, 2008

Tracyann August Luckydip

Since I am a grabbag junkie I have several grabbags that I buy unseen. Tracyann her luckydip is one for them. For those of you who would like to see what's in her august luckydip:

Tracyann added 8 new items to her luckydip and for $5.50, she doesn't disappoint:

August 20, 2008

MK-Designs August Grabbag

I think this is the last of the TDC grabbag reveals. All of the August grabbags will be on this blog then.

Last, but not least, is MK-Designs August Grabbag.

From MK-Designs you get 6 new items:


p.s. I forgot to mention this but you can click on every single preview and the larger version will open up in a new tab/window.

Sarah J. Designs August Grabbag

It is now time to show you what's inside the August Grabbag from Sarah J Designs.

Sarah has also added 5 items to her grabbag:


KM August Grabbag

KM (Kelley Mickus) also has a grabbag at TDC and here is the reveal of her grabbag:

Inside KM's grabbag you will find 5 items:


Tamra B. Designs August Grabbag

Another grabbag reveal from a TDC designer. This time it's Tamra B Designs grabbag:

In this bag are 4 items:

I have to say that I adore those alphas. Just too cute.


Jule Designs August Grabbag

I hope you can all keep up with all the reveals. Next is the august grabbag from Jule Designs. It's her first grabbag too.

In the grabbag are 5 new items:


Cinnamon Designs August Grabbag

This is Cinnamon Design's very first grabbag. Some of the previews are pretty small. That is how I received them in my mailbox.

Here are the items that Nathy put in her grabbag:


Jen Ulasiewicz August Grabbag

I am not sure if I have seen a grabbag like this before. Jen Ulasiewicz has added only quickpages to her august one.

I have to say that I am a big fan of Jen U but I am not sure what to think of an all quickpages grabbag. What do you all think ?? If you love quickpages then you don't mind at all but would you rather have seen a few element packs/paper pack so you can make your own layouts ? Anyway, here are the previews of the quickpages:


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