August 20, 2008

Jen Ulasiewicz August Grabbag

I am not sure if I have seen a grabbag like this before. Jen Ulasiewicz has added only quickpages to her august one.

I have to say that I am a big fan of Jen U but I am not sure what to think of an all quickpages grabbag. What do you all think ?? If you love quickpages then you don't mind at all but would you rather have seen a few element packs/paper pack so you can make your own layouts ? Anyway, here are the previews of the quickpages:



Anonymous said...

m a HUGE fan of Jen's but not of quickpages, though these are beautiful I think she dropped the ball, I'd MUCH rather see a grab bag with things I can use on various LO's.

Anonymous said...

I would not buy this because I do not like QP but I guess as long as she's honest and says its all Qp which she does then its up to the buyer to get it. I'd be curious to see how it sells.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE JenU and I LOVE QPs! So, this is an awesome deal for me!
The only thing that bothers me is word art on QPs. I don't scrap in english and I wish designer will some day understand that there are non-english scrapper in this world.

Anonymous said...

Not for me. I'm a Jen U fan too, but don't use QP's often, so I'm glad she made it clear what was inside.
I also don't like wordart on QP's, I'd rather add my own.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Jen U stuff,
and for all the QP's you get, I think its an awesome buy !!!

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