August 17, 2008

Here we are.

I was sad to see the best digital grabbag reveal blog to disappear so I decided to start one myself. As of now, I don't have any previews yet but I do want to show you as many grabbags as possible but you need to help me out. I don't have unlimited funds so if you could send previews to me, that would be great. You can reach me at: Pretty easy to remember, no ?

I haven't decided about disabling the comments yet. It all depends on how nice you all are going to be. I don't mind some critique but I don't want any bashing going on here. If I do decide to allow comment, I will probably moderate them and only approve the comments I think are suited for the blog.

That's it from me. If you all want this to be a succes, send in those previews.



Anonymous said...

I just want to say thanks!

Laura said...

Thank you. I hope everyone plays nice.

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