August 18, 2008

No bashing !

I have to set the record straight. I already had a few comments that weren't so nice. One of them slipped through and I approved it before I read the last line which wasn't a very nice comment about Duchess grabbag. Please, only leave constructive comments where designers can learn from.

Luckily most of the comments were very positive and I love you girls for that. If I get a comment that I think would offend a designer, I will remove it. Don't email me about why your comment hasn't been approved. You probably will know why yourself.

Back to business, I have more grabbags to reveal.



Anonymous said...

Amen sister....and just remember in life we aren't always going to please everyone and I, for one, appreciate that you took this step by letting us know. We make mistakes, we're only human, pffft...TY for being bold and honest. I hope everyone will continue to feel the same. :)

Anonymous said...

This is my take: It comes down to a blog's mission. If a blog exists solely for consumers to check out the contents of grab bags, then comments aren't a crucial component (with the exception of inquiries). If someone starts a blog to critique designs, then comments make sense. (not speaking to the tone of criticism, just that comments in that setting are appropriate).

All I want is to shop, shop, shop! :) Thanks for your honesty and the work you're doing!!

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