August 30, 2008

Mrs Wresh September Grabbag

Mrs Wresh has released her September grabbag early but not at TDC. You can buy it at her own blog for now (she probably will be adding it to her TDC store soon).This is a grabbag for the template lovers amongst us (I have to admit that I belong to that group):

This grabbag is going to cost you $5.00. It contains 9 new items and the grabbag is OK for both personal and professional use with no credit required.



Miss j aka mixedclawzz said...

If you love templates you should definitely get this! There is something in there for everyone. Totally worth the 5 bucks!

Anonymous said...

wow - that SF ready album is GREAT! mrs. wresh rocked this one!

ozchicki said...

This is just great! I went and bought it because of the preview!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I so need to get this. I'll buy this stuff separate! LOVIN SLOPPY cuts! (anonymous only because I'm not logged in and it's quicker for me)-Mommyofphoenix07

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