August 29, 2008

Scrap Orchard September Mystery Mega

It is good that I saw K requesting the reveal of the Scrap Orchard September Mystery Mega grabbag because I wanted to buy this one myself. The main reason why I wanted to buy it myself was because I missed the August one and I knew that was really packed so I figured this one would be too. And I was right. Here is the reveal:

This grabbag is for sale at $3.00.

The grabbag does not only this coordinated kit though (there is also an alpha but that didn't have a preview). It also has a lot of commercial use items:

So, totally worth $3.00 or not?



Anonymous said...

Wow they really do know how to pack a bag! I'd be picking it up just for the fall kit! Thanks for the reveal!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, WOW! Full of stuff I love! I've bought the previoous 2 and they were really packed, too.

Anonymous said...

this site's monthly grabbag/mega is easily the best one out there! I buy it every month1

Anonymous said...

What a great grab bag and so worth the money. What a sad pity though, that we're moving into Warmer Months where I am! LOL

Anonymous said...

I bought it unseen and came over here while it is downloading...can definately see that I will be getting my monies worth! Great the idea of the cu items in there too!

Miss j aka mixedclawzz said...

Wow! That sucker is PACKED! I love the colors of that kit but fall is my favorite time of year!

Anonymous said...

Bought it, and very happy! Thanks for the preview, I wouldn't have bought it otherwise.

K- said...

Thanks for the reveal. It is a packed bag, but I don't really need anymore fall kits. Will have to think about this one. Thanks again!

Amysout said...

Oh wow! I CT there & even I haven't seen the contents yet! I am sooooo excited & can not wait to get my hands on this!!

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