April 15, 2011

I need your help, please?

Hi everyone !!

I just had a question to where you could find the reveals at 9th & Bloom. Well, you can find them in the store when you go to the page of the grab bag you want to check out and see the detailed previews. Most of the grab bags are revealed that way.

9th & Bloom just released lots of grab bags and I need your help to reveal them. I might buy a few of my favorites and add them to this blog but I can't buy them all so if you have bought a grab bag over at 9th&B, send the previews here. Thanks ever so much!

update: I spoked too soon. I just checked out the grab bags at 9th&B and I noticed that the grab bags have all been revealed by the designers so no need for me to add them here.


March 05, 2011

Amy Stoffel March Extravaganza Grab Bag

Yes, I have a reveal for you. I guess you are surpised. The reveal is Amy Stoffel March Extravaganza Grab Bag:

This bag is priced at only $2.99 and inside you will find the next 6 items:

I think this grab bag is great value for money!


March 04, 2011

March !

I can't believe it's March already. I am so sorry for neglecting this blog like this. It wasnt my attention. Sometimes life gets in the way of certain things. I'm back and hopefully a bit longer this time. I hope you can all forgive me and just send me a lot of reveals so I can update this blog.



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If you have any previews of grabbags you want me to add to this blog, send the previews to grabbagsrevealed @ gmail.com.
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