March 11, 2010

A5D Lottery Ticket March by Jazzmin Designs

I think my next reveal is one that a lot of you would like to see but I do think that any Lottery Ticket at A5D is amazing so if you buy it unseen, you always get a great deal. Here is the reveal of A5D Lottery Ticket March by Jazzmin Designs:

This bag will cost you $3.00 and inside you will find these items:

There's more though. There is also a 30% off coupon for Jazzmin Designs and an alpha that you can see in the grab bag preview (the 'lottery' word alpha). There isn't a seperate preview for that.

Good deal. I think so!




missy said...

I bought this one after seeing it here! I'd never been a customer at that site before. Thank you for posting this!!

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