November 05, 2009

Links to reveals.

I got a few emails telling me about designers who revealed their own bags on their blogs so here is a list of links for you so you can check out the reveals on their blogs:

- 4 Shades of Blue reveal - link to grab bag -

- Michelle Batton Designs reveal - link to grab bag -

- Jan Hosford reveal - link to grab bag -

- DisasterPiece Studios reveal - link to grab bag -

- Elise's Pieces Designs reveal - link to grab bag -

Do you mind me giving you just the links of would you have preferred it if I had added the full reveals on my blog?




X-tina said...

Either way is fine!!! Thanks!!!

Jessica said...

As for me, the links are just fine! It's wonderful for you to do this overall. ;)

cwbyswthrt19 said...

I love being able to see everything in one place, but for the designers' sake I think it's great to send people to their posts. I vote for the links.

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