June 11, 2009

Shabby Miss Jenn's Vintage Grab Bag #1

I just found the reveal of Shabby Miss Jenn's Vintage Grab Bag #1 in my mailbox. The previews are selfmade since it's a bag with several different elements. Here is the reveal:

For $2.50 you get these elements:

Click on the image for a larger preview.




K said...

Thanks for the reveal! I like SMJ's stuff, but I don't care for this grab bag.

Anonymous said...

I love her stuff too and I bought this one without waiting for the reveal thinking if it's from SMJ then it can't go wrong. The quality is really good but I was pretty disappointed because I was kinda expecting a little bit more.

Anonymous said...

I think this is kinda on the lean side......not much bang for the buck

Carolyn said...

I usually buy SMJ so thanks for the reveal. This one is just too American for me which means some items I could never use.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of SMJ so I also bought this without waiting for the reveal and was disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Same with me...I love SMJ design ,but was really disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I wish I would've seen this blog before I purchased the grab bag. I ordinarily don't buy SMJ but decided to give her grab bag a try. The quality is very nice (all of her products seem very top notch in terms of quality) but there is nothing I like in this grab bag. :(

Anonymous said...

This one reminds me of the infamous WST grab bag from last year.

Anonymous said...

I really like SMJ's kits, but would have been very disappointed if I'd purchased this grab bag.

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