May 02, 2009

PixelGeek Designs Build-a-Blog: Grab Bag #1 {Blogger}

I was interested in the next bag myself since I like dressing up my blog. Here is the reveal of PixelGeek Designs Build-a-Blog: Grab Bag #1 {Blogger}:

This bag is priced at $3.00 and you will get these 4 Blogger themes:




Heidi said...

I love your build-a-blogs, but what template do you use to get the header to stretch all the way across the top? I use blogger.

Heidi said...

I tried posting a comment here earlier, but it didn't show up, so I'm trying again. Sorry if there is a delay and you get it twice.

I love your blog designs. What template do you use to make the header completely cover the top of the blog? I haven't been able to make that work with my blogger minima template. Is there a different one I should try?

Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm glad I didn't buy this! I debated for so long and decided I could just find something free that would fit me (and I did).

Thanks for the reveal!!

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