May 27, 2009

I'm back!

I haven't been online for a while and with good reason. I didn't have an internet connection. My provider had huge issues but I'm back again. I am going to check my mail in a bit. My apologies to everyone who send in reveals. I just couldn't reveal them. I will see what I have in my mailbox and if the bags are still in the store, I will reveal them today.




Jessica said...

i was hoping everything was ok. I was concerned about you, not the grab bag reveals! ;) glad to hear all is well with you!

JamWest1007 said...

Glad you're back and that all is well. :-) Thanks for the reveals!

Patamomma said...

I was worrying also! Glad to hear it was only internet issues. Even as aggravating as that can be. Patty

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