January 25, 2009

Scraps by Shilo CU Grab Bag Nr. 1

Well, this is a first. I am a revealing a bag that hasn't been officially released yet. The link to the bag is already active but I would advise you to not buy this bag untill tomorrow. Right now the bag is still $5.00 but tomorrow it will be only $1.00! Why? It's ES Dollar Day and Shilo has her birthday coming up. Good reason to celebrate it with us by selling her CU bag for only $1.00 on Monday January 26th. Here is the reveal of Scraps by Shilo CU Grab Bag Nr. 1:

Inside the bag:



Patamomma said...

Looks like a great bag, and if you can get it at a dollar what a deal. Patty

Shilo said...

Thanks Patty!

Thanks for the reveal. Just letting everyone know the bag is now up for $1 :)

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