October 25, 2008

ChrissyW & Angie Kovacs Collab Grabbag

I love the idea of collaboration grabbags and two designers have teamed up at Elemental Scraps to make a grabbag. Here is the reveal of ChrissyW & Angie Kovacs Collab Grabbag:

For only $3.00 you get 7 new items:



Anonymous said...

Overall, its a great grab bag. I was disappointed in the Edge 2 Edge downloads though. We got 2 packs of them, but they were the same templates, just different sizes (something that is SO easy to do). I would have been happier if they were totally different templates.

Anonymous said...

I was actually disappointed all the hype about the "new shop" thing was just doubling up at ES instead of getting away from there :|

The text paths are simple ones and like the fisrt commenter - disappointing in the templates being doubles :|

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