September 26, 2008

Scrap Orchard October Mystery Mega

Another request I am able to reveal. This time it's the Scrap Orchard October Mystery Mega. I purchased this myself but I have to say that the previews are a bit of a mess and I am missing the previews of the larger element & paper set. I am sorry about that. Maybe if someone from Scrap Orchard reads this, they can send me the previews? Here are the previews that I do have:

*Update* I made a few screenshots of the elements/papers I didn't have previews for. Click on the screenshot to see the bigger preview:

Besides these previews there are 94 more elements and 36 more papers that I don't have a preview for:



Carinspixels said...

looks okay but I'll pass, we dont do halloween here

Anonymous said...

Are the rest of the elements and papers Halloween themed? I already have more Halloween kits than I need.

Anonymous said...

Does the treat bag topper also include the candy wrappers?

K- said...

A very packed bag, but I don't need any Halloween kits or elements. I wish it was a more versatile theme.

Anonymous said...

I'm not interested in Halloween theme, but it looks like a well done bag, with lots of goodies.

Mari said...

Think I am gonna pick this one up. I don't need a Halloween kit, but I could certainly use it. ;) Plus I can use those paint cans as a template for the ones I was gonna make for Christmas. Well worth the $3.

Anonymous said...

This grab bag is packed to the rim. Yes, it's mostly all Halloween and the candy wrappers are included. If you love Halloween this is a fantastic deal. I purchased it this morning.


Anonymous said...

cute stuff, but I'm overloaded with Halloween products already. It would be a great value for someone needing holiday kits, though

Anonymous said...

I love Halloween, and while I still have kits from last year, I'll be picking this up for sure!

Definitely worth $3, and like a previous commenter said, the paint cans can be used as templates for Christmas...or Birthdays...or whenever else.

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